Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Attention blogger people.  Durning my absence from the world of blogging, I have created a home web server.  From which i will be running my blog off of.. I have the server running, but no URL yet (just an ip address) ..I will have the first post over there soon-ish...


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well, it finally got here

Yes, it is here . . . or for some, it’s getting closer, but if you're in college, then it’s here. The time where everyone under the age of 25 turns off their brains for three months, unless they have already had it turned off, and they wake up at 2 in the afternoon with absolutely nothing to do that day, and rejoice about it. For some, they start working to make some extra money or gain experience in a corporate environment, while others start summer school. Then if they're lucky, their class gets canceled and now they don’t have to make up excuses why they don’t want to take a literature minimester. . . But yes, it's summer. It is a time of celebration that you no longer have due dates, tests, and horrible on-campus food. . 


The other day I was driving through campus with the windows down and the song, "get low" comes on the radio.  And its kinda catchy so I turned it up. . . loud... I wonder what people thought when they saw a small white boy in a vneck driving a bmw with the windows down blaring the song 'get low'. .. 

(that says "tool" not "tod".. FYI)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What if animals could talk?

I know this question has come up in many different conversations before, but have you really put a lot of thought in to it?  When taking a shower my brain goes in to random thoughts about many different things, and sometimes I go in to great depth on these topics… I don’t know if it’s being in a tight confined space with white walls around me, or standing there naked with warm water splashing on me that causes me to carefully think of what the world would be like if animals talked, but whatever it is.. it happened.  So here it goes..

All humans would probably all be vegetarians . . .  why, because who would want to slaughter something that was holding a conversation with you just a few minutes ago.  Like little Mr. Chicken would be talking about how it’s his turn the next day to wake everyone up at the crack of dawn, and then all of a sudden you chop his head off and feel sorry for the little guy because he was really excited about doing it and you stopped him short of reaching his dreams. 

Then basically every other large animal would team up against you unless you were able to overpower them.   Also, you’d have to be careful about stepping on small bugs and ants, because they’d take revenge against you in the masses after they’d tell all their other insect friends about you.  Then all off a sudden your house if falling apart because of termites and you would be constantly chased by a swarm of killer bee’s all because you accidently stepped on Jonny Ant. 

 In the world of talking animals, monkeys would probably be our largest rivals in the world.  Why?, because we have thumbs.  I’m pretty sure if they were able to comprehend now that we have thumbs and they are very useful, then they might be pretty upset about it.  They would probably start a worldwide war against humans, more than likely just climbing to the top of buildings and throwing poop at people. They can’t be too violent.

I guess the last group of animals not yet covered in my “talking world” are fish.  They sort of got the short end of the stick in this whole talking thing because talking underwater is fairly difficult.  Plus, are your typical trout or perch fish even capable of making noises? Because when I’ve been fishing I’ve never reeled in a fish and heard it make a noise. . . It just kind of flops all over the place

Well, that’s what my animal talking world would be like. . . good thing it’s not true cause I really enjoyed my chicken sandwich that had bacon in it today….


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh dang, it's school time again....

School started last Monday.  So I'm trying to get back in the routine of waking up early, and sleep walking my way to class in the 19 degree weather. . . After living in Waco for a full winter and the beginning of another one.. I take back everything I said that it sucks that it never gets cold in Houston... Cause it is freaking cold here!!

Looks like this semester is going to be extremely hard, so unless something exciting happens. . blog post might be on a low for awhile...


Sunday, December 26, 2010

For the longest time, I didn’t know what “Happy Holidays” meant. . .

Being 19 years old I spent many of my “growing up years" (when I didn’t know everything that older people knew about yet but I would soon learn on my own) growing up when everybody was trying to say things politically correct. So around Christmastime I would always hear people saying “Happy Holidays” and I would be like.. “Oh thanks , Santa’s coming!!” then my dad or mom would say back to them, “Yeah MERRY CHRISTMAS!” . . It didn’t quite click in my head that they were trying to be politically correct and not offend the Jews or the Muslims or the people celebrating the positioning of the sun. Yet, happy holidays always made crystal clear sense to me. Because, I would get out from school, and during this time off from school there would be two big events. These events were Christmas and New Years day. So, I thought that these were the holidays all the nice people saying “Happy Holidays” were referring too. Not this politically correct crap everybody is throwing in our faces. Now I know the truth about this horrible saying and now join in the fight against religious oppression and shove “Merry Christmas!” down the throats of the oppressors!!